Microsoft wins TEACH campaign from Education Department

Posted by Nancy Flanagan on Nov 23, 2011 - 09:03 AM

What happens when a public institution in a democracy--the US Department of Education--outsources its goal of recruiting good teachers to a private industry?

A division of Bill Gates(tm) Microsoft is taking over from the Education Department a campaign called TEACH that is aimed at recruiting new teachers into the profession.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan told the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum last week in Washington D.C. that the division had won a competition to take over from the department the TEACH campaign and its website. The website provides free information for teachers and prospective teachers.

Duncan said that the Partners in Learning division will be the sole owner and operator” of the TEACH project, “improving and expanding the teacher recruitment campaign” as well as all related marketing efforts.

That the department would select Microsoft’s division is not especially surprising, given that Duncan and Gates walk and talk the same school reform line, sometimes sounding as if their speeches came from the same shop.

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Nancy Flanagan

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