Urban Underground

Urban Underground was started in 2000 by a collective of young leaders led by co-founders Sharlen Moore and Reggie Moore to address a critical need to provide youth with alternatives to violence, support for academic achievement, and increased chances for higher education and employment instead of incarceration. Today Urban Underground stands as a nationally recognized model for increasing civic participation and youth-led social change among children and youth. Our approach is based on a bold premise: engaging young people who are most affected by racial, economic and health disparities in social change efforts will not only result in better outcomes for the young people themselves but transform the conditions that increases their exposure to violence, failing educational practices, incarceration and generational poverty. Our youth-led campaigns have resulted in improved school discipline policies, accountable law enforcement practices, and increased youth input in local government.

Location: Milwaukee, WI


About Urban Underground:

We offer a range of workshops and trainings for schools, youth groups, agencies, and faith-based institutions.
  • For Youth: Life Skill Workshops
  • For All: Political Education Workshops

Urban Underground offers youth a variety of programs to engage in:
  • Media Arts
  • Brother 2 Brother & Sister 2 Sister
  • Life Skills Workshop
  • Fun Fridays
  • Field Trips
  • True Skool
  • Tech Center
  • Learning Center
  • Crisis Intervention & Referrals
  • Digital Media Lab
  • Recording Art Studio


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