Organizing for Education Equity in Mississippi and Beyond with Albert Sykes on the Up Close Podcast

Mar 26, 2024 | IDEA Blog

This past February, 2024, IDEA’s Executive Director, Albert Sykes joined host Sara Sneed on the NEA Foundation‘s Up Close Podcast. In short, we are completely honored to have been selected to join so many other amazing individuals and efforts that have been centered on the NEA Foundation’s Ideas & Voices showcase.

You can read the full description of the podcast on the NEA Foundation’s Blog here, and you can fast-forward straight to the podcast itself here. We’ve also included a little snippet below:

From the NEA Foundation blog:
In the latest episode of the Up Close Podcast with Sara Sneed, Albert Sykes, executive director of the Institute for Democratic Education in America, discussed how being introduced to activism at a young age helped set him on a path of lifelong advocacy for civil rights and education justice.

The conversation begins with Albert recounting the day that he learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks in his kindergarten class. When he excitedly told his grandmother what he had learned—that these were Black people who had changed the nation because of what they stood for—she told him that his home in Jackson, Miss., was only one street away from the home of another famous civil rights activist.

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