Decolonize Puerto Rico: Learning and Solidarity

Puerto Rico

There is a great role for United States-based citizens in the fight – ‘en la lucha’ – for the decolonization of Puerto Rico.

We have a responsibility to fulfill that role, and are committed to finding ways to raise up and contribute to the work of our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters for sovereignty, and to finding ways to put pressure on the United States to end the colonization of Puerto Rico.

Decolonize Puerto Rico - La Bandera Puertorriqueña

Learning And Solidarity

From in-person gatherings to virtual convenings, book clubs and occasional newsletters, IDEA is educating, engaging, and building momentum towards living and acting in solidarity with the decolonization of Puerto Rico. Below you will find some of the ways in which our solidarity efforts take shape, an ask for your input, and an invitation for your collaboration.

In Person

Learning and Solidarity

In February, 2020, IDEA and some of our closest friends went to Puerto Rico for a week-long pilot experience titled, “Decolonize Puerto Rico: A Learning and Solidarity Experience,” co-organized with our partner VAMOS Puerto Rico.

This experience in Puerto Rico was a pilot, and it’s important to acknowledge three things:

  1. VAMOS and IDEA will support more in-person experiences like this in the future as we all find balance in a post-pandemic world
  2. This effort joins with centuries-long action for the decolonization of Puerto Rico
  3. Participants join a growing network of educators and other activists already engaged in collaborative ongoing work for sovereignty and the end of colonization in Puerto Rico

Summaries from each day of Decolonize Puerto Rico: A Learning and Solidarity Experience (pilot) are available on Facebook with photos and tagged partners here:
Overview of the Experience – Day One – Day Two – Day Three – Days four, five, & six

Learning and Solidarity

based in the United States

Practicing solidarity with the decolonization of Puerto Rico does not require that we be in-person on the island. There are many ways that we can stay informed, organize, and collaborate without needing to leave the mainland United States. Here is an overview of what IDEA is up to now and how you can connect.

Decolonize Book Club
In 2020, IDEA hosted a virtual book club as a way to inform our solidarity and support learning, connection, and collaboration across the group.

Future in-person learning and solidarity experiences in Puerto Rico
Planning for future in-person events is on pause due to the Coronavirus pandemic and will resume as the complications of the virus lessen in intensity.

Learning and Solidarity Newsletter
Sign up here for IDEA’s Decolonize Puerto Rico: Learning and Solidarity Newsletter. Typical content of the newsletter includes calls to action, relevant news and current events, opportunities to connect, and more.

Input and Collaboration

There are many ongoing efforts in support of the decolonization of Puerto Rico. If you are part of or know of such efforts, we invite you to share about them with us so we can engage with you in solidarity and look for opportunities to collaborate.

Please fill out this brief questionnaire to indicate how you would like to stay connected, lift up any resources you think we should be aware of, and indicate ways in which you think we might be able to collaborate.

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