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Jul 16, 2021 | IDEA Newsletter

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Fall 2021: Antiracism Course for White Educators

IDEA is excited to announce that we will be again offering our antiracism course for white educators this fall 2021. A multiracial group of educators have helped plan the course, which starts September 2021.
Deadline to apply is Monday, August 16, 2021

•  A Course for Antiracist White Educators  •
A 12-session discussion and action-based course for white people working in education and with youth

Why now and a bit on vision
In recent years, and now more than ever, we have seen a sharp uptick of progressive white educators who have begun talking about racism, using antiracist language, and acknowledging their own whiteness. And still, many white people struggle when it comes to adapting their own actions; when it comes to living out the changes that they want to be a part of.

Who this is for

  • White educators ready to go beyond conversations about white privilege and begin embodying anti-racist values in their daily practice.
  • Individuals in any role in education or work with youth: teachers at any level (Early Childhood, K-12, Higher Ed, Adult Ed), guidance counselors, youth workers, administration, social workers, staff at schools, camp counselors and staff, youth advocates, etc.

Twelve two-hour-long sessions starting September 2021 – January 2022

Course Completion
Participants who complete this course will receive a certificate for 24 continuing education hours.

Click Here for a Full Overview, to Apply, or to Share

We invite you to apply or to send this to those you know who may be wanting a course like this. Thank you!
Deadline to apply is Monday, August 16, 2021

Credit for photo used in flyer:
Photo by Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for EDUimages

Welcoming Rosaline McCoy:
Director of Family and Community Engagement

Rosaline McCoy – Mississippi Parent and Family Coordinator

It is with great joy that we welcome another beautiful human being to the IDEA staff – someone who has been a part of the IDEA family and community for quite a while now. Please join us in welcoming Rosaline McCoy as IDEA’s new Director of Family and Community Engagement:

Rooted in West Jackson’s Washington Addition Neighborhood and replanted in the Virden Addition community, Jackson, Mississippi is the hub of Rosaline’s life experiences and PreK-12 education.

As a product and parent of Mississippi’s second-largest school district, Rosaline’s personal interest and investments in quality and equitable education, and social justice began over 15 years ago.

As an advocate for parents and children of public schools, Rosaline has served as a democratic education leader and consultant for several community organizing efforts in Jackson to include a statewide ballot initiative that would have required lawmakers to provide an increase of financial support for an adequate and more efficient system of free and public education. Rosaline was also once identified as one of the partners of a government appointed commission responsible for creating a pathway of support to transform Mississippi’s largest urban school district with the goal of ensuring that every student in it receives a high quality education.

Rosaline’s passion for advocacy work runs deep through her community, and she gives credit to several people and organizations across Jackson for planting seeds and providing her a platform to contribute to the quality of life for all children. 

IDEA and Network Updates

Introducing Jackson Youth Elevators of Tomorrow

Jackson Youth Elevators of Tomorrow - Jackson Public Schools Youth Organizing

There’s a New Youth Organizing Group in Town!

We are beyond excited to shine light on Jackson, Mississippi’s very own youth organizing group: Jackson Youth Elevators of Tomorrow (JYEOT)!! Don’t miss student-leader Jas Taylor’s written piece at the bottom of this blog!

In a nutshell: JYEOT is group of Jackson Public School student leaders and high school students engaging in in-depth learning and work surrounding leadership skills and research on relevant social issues of their choosing. All pieces of their work will be created to elevate student voices and allow participants to work on the issues that concern them the most and have a direct impact on their lives. JYEOT’s efforts are supported by IDEA and JPS as part of a Youth Action Participatory Research (YPAR) project and showcase for 2021-22. Read more on the IDEA Blog here.

Sign up for Free Minds Free People 2021 (fully virtual)

FMFP is being held in an ongoing basis between July 7 and August 3, 2021

Free Minds, Free People is a national conference convened by the Education for Liberation Network that brings together teachers, young people, researchers, parents and community-based activists/educators from across the country to build a movement to develop and promote education as a tool for liberation. Virtual for the first time, we will be doing our best to bring that feeling of “coming home” to our virtual space.
Click Here to register and get all info on Free Minds, Free People 2021.

Albert Sykes’ Interview with Mississippi Free Press

Young people, power, and sharecropper education in Mississippi

This past June, Mississippi Free Press hosted IDEA Executive Director, Albert Sykes, on MFP Live. According to MFP Live, the interview is “quickly becoming one of our most popular #MFPLive broadcasts. Don’t miss [Albert Sykes] dropping truth about young people, power, sharecropper education in Mississippi:”

Watch on Facebook here  –  Watch on YouTube here

Maisie Brown’s Interview with Mississippi Free Press

Education innovation, anti-racism work, and more

Just yesterday, Mississippi Free Press hosted IDEA Youth Program Director, Maisie Brown, on MFP Live “to talk education innovation, anti-racism work, and how she and other young Black Mississippians helped force #MSFlag change + huge #BLMSipp march.”

Watch on Facebook here  –  Watch on YouTube here

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