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We are currently accepting applications for Cohort IV of the Parent Leadership Institute (see the meeting schedule below for more info).

The IDEA Parent Leadership Institute (PLI) for parents  & community leaders who support student success in Jackson Public Schools (Jackson, Mississippi) seeks to inspire parent and community leadership from all who are raising future generations of leaders. The Institute is designed to build key skills in everyday people who have a passion for advocating for all children.

The mission of the PLI is to organize and mobilize JPS parents and community members to become advocates for their homes, schools, and communities. As engaged constituents who will work together on behalf of all children, parents and community leaders will help enhance the social fabric of Jackson, Mississippi.

Photo by Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.

Parent Power

Interpersonal Solidarity

What is the Parent Leadership Institute?

PLI is free 7 week, semi-annual leadership development program that invests in parents’ and community leaders’ potential by providing peer coaching to help advance civic leadership in ways that provoke change for the lifelong health, safety, and learning of children in the city of Jackson. The PLI will equip cohorts of JPS parents with resources while providing the access needed to be “at the table” as prepared and effective participants.

  1. 5 Hours Per Session and Special Events
  2. Childcare and Meals Provided
  3. Participants Represent the Demographic Profile of Jackson

A platform for participatory democracy and improved outcomes for children and their families. The PLI changes the [parent] narrative from one that marginalizes parents when it comes to making change for their children and families to parents not only seeing themselves in leadership positions, but understanding how to take collective action to solve problems that affect them, their families, and their communities.

  • Participants are Co-creators of Positive Outcomes for Children

Topics Include

  • Creating a Caring Community for Children
  • Parents as Agents of Change
  • Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
  • State and Local Government and Public Policy
  • Evaluations, Outcomes, and Accountability
  • Personal Projects and an Exhibition
Photo by Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action.

Apply Today & Pass It On

Applications are due by Friday, August 18th, 2023. If you have any questions or would like to connect more on IDEA’s Parent Leadership Institute of Jackson, please write to us at

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PLI Meeting Schedule

The Parent Leadership Institute of Jackson is currently accepting applications for its fourth cohort. Cohort IV will convene over the course of September – December, 2023. Meetings will take place every other week in person, and are designed to include onsite childcare as well as meals provided. If you have any questions or concerns prior to or after applying for the PLI, please write to us at

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